Letitia Farris Toussaint

Gorillas: the Gentle Giants

Over the last couple of decades, research on gorillas has made leaps and bounds thanks to the constant dedication of researchers and conservationists both from within and outside the countries where these magnificent creatures are found. Even the elusive western gorillas astonished the primate world when they were observed—contrary to all that was believed about gorillas in the wild—using tools! Yet never have they been so threatened...

South African photographer Harvey Martin’s has tracked gorillas from East to West, mountain to swamp. Conservation writer Letitia Farris Toussaint retraces our knowledge of the gorillas since antiquity and lays down the modern threats and solutions in clear concise language for the general public. Renown biologist Ian Redmond, OBE, senior scientist and ambassador to the 2009 UN Year of the Gorilla (YoG) amended the text. A share of the profits goes to YoG programs.

Selected Works

Natural History, Conservation
“A stunning hard-back book, with amazing photography and fascinating text.”
–UN Year of the Gorilla website
An attractive boxed book featuring the world’s top 25 biodiversity conservation priorities. French only.
Natural History, Travel
“The best general field guides to the primates are On the Trail of Monkeys and Apes and... ”
–Audubon Magazine