Letitia Farris Toussaint

Monde sauvage: les 25 sites à protéger

In 1999, in an effort to determine conservation priorities worldwide, a study was undertaken by Conservation International to identify the world’s top 25 sites in terms of biodiversity. The 25 hotspots selected represent only 11.8% of the earth’s surface, yet they account for 44% of its plants and 35% of its vertebrates. Monde sauvage is a collective work in French aimed at raising public awareness about these sites. Under the direction of editor Martine Todisco, former head of the French bureau of TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, Letitia Farris Toussaint contributed four chapters:
- Micronesia and Polynesia, stepping stones of the Pacific
- California, nature worth its weight in gold
- Central America, bridging the American continents
- The Caribbean, more than a pirate’s lair
This book comes in an attractive square format with its own box: a keeper, like the hotspots it describes.

Selected Works

Natural History, Conservation
“A stunning hard-back book, with amazing photography and fascinating text.”
–UN Year of the Gorilla website
An attractive boxed book featuring the world’s top 25 biodiversity conservation priorities. French only.
Natural History, Travel
“The best general field guides to the primates are On the Trail of Monkeys and Apes and... ”
–Audubon Magazine