Letitia Farris Toussaint

On the Trail of Monkeys and Apes

Part of a nature travel series and originally co-written with globe-trotter Bernard de Wetter in French, On the Trail of Monkeys and Apes* provides background on the evolution and general characteristics of the primates, and describes some of the more well-known and/​or accessible species and where to find them in the wild. Richly illustrated with photos as well as the striking drawings of Mael Dewynter, the book also provides practical tips for getting the most from primate viewing. In the summer of 2007, though by then already out of print, it was described in Audubon Magazine as one of the two best general field guides to primates.

*Original title and publisher
Cap sur les singes et les lémuriens
Ed. Nathan, Paris, 2000

Selected Works

Natural History, Conservation
“A stunning hard-back book, with amazing photography and fascinating text.”
–UN Year of the Gorilla website
An attractive boxed book featuring the world’s top 25 biodiversity conservation priorities. French only.
Natural History, Travel
“The best general field guides to the primates are On the Trail of Monkeys and Apes and... ”
–Audubon Magazine